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Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is the safest and most non-destructive way to expose buried utilities.  Most municipalities and utility companies no longer consider this an option, but an essential phase of underground construction.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning & Televising

Cleaning and televising of sanitary sewers provides necessary information to help minimize unexpected problems and emergency repairs. Our high velocity jet equipment uses extreme pressure of water to remove dirt, sand, rocks and minor roots. The television inspection utilizes high-tech sewer inspection equipment that can show pipe diameter, deformation, protrusion and widths of cracks.

sewer pipe

Sewer Testing

Air and deflection testing are typically required after new sewer lines are installed to pinpoint leaks and excess deflection. Air testing requires the sewer pipe to be sealed with pneumatic plugs and pressurized to determine the presence of leaks. A go/no go mandrel is pulled through the pipe, from manhole to manhole, for deflection testing.


Hydro excavation allows our operators to be very precise while eliminating the risk of damaging nearby utilities or pipes.


Potholing allows us to safely locate underground utilities, preventing the risk of damage caused by traditional methods of excavation.

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